24 Things That Ruined Your Day 15 Years Ago That No One Cares About Now

Back in the mid-2000s, nothing was worse than...

1. Going to listen to music on your iPod and seeing this symbol:

2. Burning a CD and seeing the worst two words in the english language:

3. Running out of minutes and having to wait 'til after nine like a BARBARIAN:

4. That tear in your LiveStrong getting bigger and bigger:

5. Hearing the OTHER worst five words in the english language:

6. Starting a download and seeing a wait time like this:

7. Only to have it all be in vain:

8. Being in the middle of an excellent flash game or YouTube video and having this happen:

9. Turning on TV Guide and missing the ONE channel you wanted to see:

10. Developing 12 pictures of your thumb:

11. Listening to your CD player and trying to stay cool while it keeps skipping:

12. And taking the CD out and seeing this:

13. Seeing this heinous sight on your XBOX:

14. Hobbling yourself with a scooter slam to the ankle:

15. Downloading a song for six hours only to be betrayed by LimeWire:

16. Your ringtone recording being sabotaged:

17. Misspelling a word on your totally cool, totally unique Converse:

18. Taking one bad step and ending up with sopping wet Uggs:

19. Losing a part of your super cool awesome pen:

20. Your boogie board making you look like the fool you are:

21. Loading up your Netflix queue and seeing the movie you REALLY want is going to take weeks:

22. Spending hours putting in album art just to have none of it save:

23. Taking your favorite movie out of the VCR and seeing this:

24. And your mom reading the message that was for YOUR EYES ONLY:

Times were tough.

Times were tough.

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